Pekka Saarikorpi Lento live at the Rhythm Week Festival 2014 Check out!

Riikka: In Tune With Wolves -album was release on September 2014 via Rockadillo Records.

Nuria's debut album winter's end was released on November 2013 via Rockadillo Records.

Pekka Saarikorpi´s solo album Saarikorpi Brom: water music is now available on iTunes.

Check out Riikka's new music!

Pekka is playing drums and percussion in Maija Pokela's upcoming solo album

Pekka is touring with a Beijing opera artist Antti SIlvennoinen, Elias Edström and Wusheng company during the winter 2016.

Teaching at:

University of the Arts: continuing education
Sibelius Academy: Folk Music Department
Karelia University of Applied Studies: Rhythmic Music Department (Joensuu)
Keskuspuisto conservatory: Music department, (Espoo)
"Rhythm & Movement" @ Kallio Music School (Helsinki)


15 March 2014
Riikka, album release gig at Allotria, Helsinki